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Our participants' co-creations

We activate creatives and community advocates locally and nationally to co-create compelling content that engages everyday people about the importance of the 2020 Census.

Creatives For The Count

In just a few hours, creators and organizations of all kinds work together to generate hundreds of pieces of compelling media that spread census awareness and inoculate against disinformation.

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Past Create-a-thons

In the past year, we’ve hosted over 16 create-a-thons across the country, engaging nearly 1000 individuals. Check out where we’ve activated people to get out the count!

All HTC = All Hard-to-count Communities

Los Angeles, CA

November 2018


The first CreativesForTheCount pilot event pulled together creative heavy-hitters from across the LA creative scene at Red Bull Studios in Los Angeles to develop content for undercounted millennials.

Portland, OR

April 2019


Portland is home to an increasingly young and diverse population that is representative of many of the nation's marginalized groups. In conjunction with Design Week Portland, designers produced content for advocacy groups across the state as well as a toolkit that can be used by creatives, nationwide.

Nashville, TN

June 2019


COIL helped to facilitate a singer & songwriting-focused create-a-thon with contemporary Christian musicians and religious leaders to better reach their audiences.

Washington, DC

June 2019


In celebration of Pride Week, LGBTQ advocates and creatives gathered from around our nation's capital to produce graphics and campaign imagery for nationally impactful organizations at a

El Paso, TX

July 2019


COIL is working with community partners and regional Census staff to organize a create-a-thon to educate and support underrepresented communities along our nation's border.

Columbia, SC

October 2019


Over the course of five informative and festive hours, we dived into targeted briefs from local advocacy organizations, connected with a diverse group of talented people, and collaboratively generated digital media and compelling messages that spread awareness about the 2020 Census.