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Amplify your community's voice

Make a lasting impact on the next ten years by making sure everyone counts in the 2020 Census.

An opportunity to make a difference

The results of the census will determine how political representation and billions in federal funding for schools, roads, hospitals and more are distributed across the U.S.

Some communities could miss out on their fair share. LGBTQ communities, people of color, immigrants, people experiencing homelessness, rural communities, people with low incomes, renters, single-parent households, people with limited English proficiency, and young children are hard to count. But we can help change that.

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How you can help

We activate creatives and community advocates locally and nationally to co-create compelling content that engages everyday people about the importance of the 2020 Census. Check out ways people like you have made an impact.

Rock the Vote

Featured Partnership

We partner with Accelerate to raise awareness of the 2020 Census for young people through pop culture, music, art and technology.

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Meghan Maury

Policy Director, National LGBTQ Task Force

The Census Accelerate team brought together about 75 people to think, dream, and design together… The event had given us more than just new materials to use — it left us feeling empowered to create.

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Tino Ortega

Local Artist in El Paso, TX

We’re getting the community together to gain insight into what our community wants to hear [about] how to get people involved in the census. It’s important to have artists here to mirror the community.

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Stronger messages

Together, we create awesome content that resonates with communities by taking into account their specific concerns and motivations.

Trusted messengers

By sharing content through organizations trusted by the communities they serve, we motivate people to participate in the 2020 Census through messages and messengers that resonate at a deep level.

Some of our amazing collaborators

  • Microsoft
  • Rock the Vote
  • Design Matters
  • Univision
  • Code for America
  • U.Group
  • Next Day Better
  • Data and Society
  • Census Counts 2020
  • Annlab

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Partner With Us

Are you looking for a tangible way to make a large-scale impact within a community you care about? We work with the entertainment, media, and creative industries to introduce the importance of the 2020 Census into pop culture.

Attend a Virtual Create-a-thon

Join us for Creatives For The Count, where creatives and community advocates co-create an explosion of content about the 2020 Census.

Become an Ambassador

Interested in making a difference on your own? Use our resources to create content that will resonate with your community and become part of a rapid response network that will support civil rights groups and community-based organizations to counter disinformation.